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Anatomy of Yoga

Nicole Dargent
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Please Read

This workshop does not replace a BCRPA or any Accredited Yoga Alliance Course. 

This workshop is only designed to give you basic knowledge of some of the yoga terms and their movements in relation to muscle and joint actions.

This workshop does not designate you a yoga practitioner, nor does HarmonyFit approve you to teach Yoga upon completion of this workshop. (unless you already are a BCRPA or Yoga Alliance certified)

HarmonyFit sought the expertise of several practicing certified Yogis and valued their input in relation to this workshop.  Each of them bringing suggestions and corrections to make this workshop as simple yet informative as we could.

Any questions please Email US.

Here is the course outline:

1. Instructions

Please read before starting your workshop

2. Dynamics of Breathing

The most basic unit of life.

3. Yoga and The Spine

The skeletal spine, is perhaps nature's most elegant and intricate solutions to the dual demands of the sthira and sukha

4. Understanding the Asanas

Deciding which anatomical details of yoga poses.

5. Standing Poses

In Yoga practice, some of the earliest lessons frequently center on the simple act of standing upright.

6. Seated Poses

The asanas depicted in this chapter are either sitting positions themselves or are entered into from sitting.

7. Kneeling Poses

Kneeling brings the center of gravity closer to the ground and makes certain activities less stressful for the spine.

8. Supine Poses

Supine means lying in a face up position.

9. Prone Poses

Prone means lying in a facedown position.

10. Arm Support Poses

In modern Western culture, many people overuse and misuse their arms and hands while working at computers.

11. Anatomy of Yoga Final Exam

Final Exam


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Yoga Anatomy
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