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Mental Health, Depression and Burnout

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A quick workshop comprising of mental health awareness and burnout

Learn terms and tools to recognize the importance of inclusion of individuals with mental health issues.

We instruct a wide range of participants and a small percentage of them may have underlying mental health issues.  As instructors we chose this profession to help and instruct people,  and this workshop will give you insight as to how common these behaviours are and what signs to look for.

This doesn't replace formal training, but as mental health is more widely discussed and not stigmatized we can learn how to work with these individuals, knowing that exercise can be a form of wellness that we can teach.  

This workshop is worth 8 Continuing Education Credits

Here is the course outline:

1. Mental Health Studies

Learning Outcomes

2. Mental Health Studies: Behaviour

Lesson Summary

3. Mental Health Studies: Burnout and Depression - Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

4. Mental Health Studies: Burnout and Depression

Final Workshop Exam

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