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CFES Group Fitness

Nicole Dargent
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The next sessions of Group Fitness are beginning in January 2020
Dates to be announced

Here is the course outline:

1. Group Fitness Course

2. An Introduction to Group Fitness

3. The Use of Music

4. Basic Lower and Upper Body Movement Library

5. Postural Alignment and Biomechanics

6. The Core Training Library

7. Planning and Preparation for the Group Fitness Class

8. The Fundamentals of Choreography

9. The Warm-up

10. The Cardiovascular Section

11. The Muscular Conditioning Section

12. The Resistance Training Library

13. The Flexibility Section

14. The Stretching Library

15. A Focus on Safety

16. Becoming a Certified Group Fitness Instructor

17. Nicole's Favourite You Tubes

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